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The Pledge

"I                                            pledge, personally and professionally, to practice conscious reduction of single-use plastics and encourage others to do the same. I want my future to be blue, green and happy" 


Shafraz Naeem

Technical Diver and Team Leader

Shafraz is an ex-military dive instructor with a 27 year career in the diving industry.  He is an experienced TDI/SDI, PADI and SSI instructor and has trained divers in the Maldivian Coast Guard, Special Forces and Marines. He has extensive knowledge  about the Maldivian marine ecosystem and has explored deep cave systems and reefs in the Maldives. An ambassador to Fourth Element wetsuits and Dive Systems UK’s Proteus rebreathers, he is also the only Maldivian diver to be invited to speak at the Tek Conference of the annual Asia Dive Expo held in Singapore for 6 consecutive years. He is an award winning underwater photographer featured in  international and local publications and has 14 years of experience in the field of underwater photography.